ARLINGTON, TX - About 15 TV cameras, hundreds of cameras and camcorders, a genuinely packed media section and maybe a thousand fans packed what is called the East End zone above the field at Cowboys Stadium for easily the biggest and loudest of the three press conferences to announce the Manny Pacquiao vs Antonio Margarito fight on November 13th.

The fired up crowd loudly booed Margarito as he was first escorted to the dais by a bevy of beautiful Cowboys Cheerleaders but the boos became cheers eventually as Margarito easily towered over Pacquiao by over fight inches in height when they posed facing each other.

Even the largely Mexican crowd cheered for Pacquiao as he was introduced and swept onto the dais by another team of gorgeous cheerleaders.

Many were there to see their heroes. Many were there for a picture with or an autograph of either fighter or anyone remotely famous.

The presser wasn't on the field as the first press conference for Pacquiao vs. Joshua Clottey back in January to kick off their March fight. But today's was where the presser was during fight week for Pacquiao vs. Clottey.

It probably had to do with NFL rules or at least because the landlord (the Dallas Cowboys) played a game last night and the field was in no condition to be converted to press conference form so quickly.

Top Rank president Todd DuBoef was the emcee of the event and he came prepared to turn the anti-Margarito fans into believers with information about the three-time champion they might not have known about. He did an exceptional job.

DuBoef was filling in for the second press conference for his step-father Bob Arum who left the media tour when it was discovered his eldest son, John, was missing from a hiking expedition in the Seattle area.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was there in the middle of everything and it was probably his idea to have the fighters wear white Cowboys jersey numbers 11 and 13 to signify November 13th as the date of the fight for everyone with a camera.

World Boxing Council Vice President Mauricio Sulaiman stood in for his father, Jose Sulaiman, (WBC President) and awarded gifts of belts and trophies to assorted dignitaries and commending the Texas commission for taking on such a controversial fight others passed on such as California.

Pacquiao stole the show with his poise and the graceful way he answered questions as the media was right in his face mostly asking questions he has answered many times before.

Both fighters stayed long after the questions to take pictures and sign posters and gloves for their fans.

by Matt Stolow


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