Manny Pacquiao is the most popular boxer in the world today. Many fighters call him out from featherweights to light middleweights because they know fighting him will give them a big payday. People can say that Floyd Mayweather is the most famous but he is only famous in America, Pacquiao is famous worldwide.

Recently, Juan Manuel Marquez, someone that Manny Pacquiao faced at featherweight and superfeatherweight, called Manny out after he defeated Juan Diaz on HBO.

I have to say, that in my view, I would much rather see Juan Manuel Marquez fight Manny Pacquiao in November, rather than, giving Antonio Margarito a shot at a big payday with Manny.

Marquez looked very sharp against Juan Diaz and he would give Manny Pacquiao an amazing fight. The two have a big history together and a third match is something that could easily be sold with an HBO 24/7. The Mexican and Filipino boxing fans like Marquez and they like Pacquiao and since Marquez has also fought Floyd Mayweather Jr., they can add that to the intrigue and build up of the fight.

I fear that Bob Arum making a fight with Antonio Margarito will make the sport of boxing come under a lot of fire. A lot of Filipino fans are saying Margarito should be given a chance but I beg to differ, now that I think about it, it is not proper.

In boxing , using illegal handwraps is the ultimate “No No”, putting plaster on the wraps is almost like you are attempting to murder your opponent with concrete fists as weapons.

The Pay-per-view will truly suffer if Bob Arum makes a fight with Antonio Margarito and Manny Pacquiao.

Look at the boxer Luis Resto, he ended the career of another Bob Arum fighter, Billy Collins Jr., by using plaster on his handwraps. Luis Resto’s trainer, Panama Lewis, applied the plaster before the fight that ended Collins boxing career. Resto claimed that he didn’t know what was put in his gloves by Lewis but later he admitted he knew that Panama Lewis was loading his gloves.

We shouldn’t approve of this type of fight because it will just make boxing look bad. That is why I prefer to see Pacquiao vs. Marquez in a third fight. Marquez deserves a shot and he is an honest man, who never cheats and proved that he really wants the fight with Pacquiao.

Also, this time around, they can truly settle the score of who really won. Marquez will not demand a 50-50 split of the money, Pacquiao can get a bigger share since he is the true star in boxing.

I don’t think we should boycott a Antonio Margarito vs Manny Pacquiao fight but I think we should have our voices heard that we prefer a more worthy opponent for Manny Pacquiao.

By Ralphy Po


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