Exclusive from Filipino Celebrity Headlines Examiner, HOLLYWOOD, California - He's not among the richest forty of the Philippines, he's ranked No. 55 lesser than Floyd Mayweather, Jr. who has captured No. 31 among the world's most powerful celebrities, all these at least according to Forbes.com.

Still more, he's rated second to the same formidable foe, Floyd Mayweather, Jr., in the welterweight division of boxing, according to Boxrec.com as of this writing.

But, just like a fire in his bones, Sarangani Congressman Emmanuel "Manny" Pacquiao's passion for success is rather exemplary and proverbial. He has penetrated ever increasingly the diverse segments of the world public of boxing. Despite odds, everything seems to go right with him. Even though his characters are not flawless, Philippines looks particularly bright each time he fights. For the oppressed, the suppressed and the repressed, his thoughts and aura bring new life to the best of their inspiration. In fact, "Manny Pacquiao" and "inspiration", though distinguishable, have become seemingly inseparable in the hearts of the "less inspired many" and the "less informed" of the Maharlikan nation.

Not to be outdone, the same tenor of distinction sums up his top ten principles of success in life:

1. Submission to the will of God Almighty and maximization of gift He has given: "One journalist asked Manny, “Meron ka bang agimat?” (Do you have an amulet?) And Manny said, “Wala akong agimat. Ang alam ko, Nagbibigay ng Diyos ng mga regalo sa tao. At ang binigay Niya sa akin, malakas akong sumuntok. Kaya ginagamit ko ito sa pagbigay ng kaluwalhatian sa Kanya…” (I don’t have an amulet. What I know is that God gives gifts to people. And He gave me the gift of a strong punch. I will use it to give glory to Him.”) This is a loose quotation, but it captures the essence of what Pacquiao said." - Excerpt from the writings of Bo Sanchez.

Sanchez in his writing is reminded of another athlete who spoke about this same powerful principle. He cited Eric Liddell, the Olympic champion sprinter, who said, “God made me fast, and when I run, I feel His pleasure…” (You can watch this inspiring story in the true-to-life movie, Chariots of Fire.)

2. Health is wealth: Pacquiao says "Alaga-an natin ang ating sarili; isa lang ang buhay natin" (Let's take care of ourselves; we only have one life).

3. Focus and determination: Despite juggling different tasks and facing competing inroads, Pacquiao's mind is set on one goal at a moment's notice. He said: "Pag naa nako na diha sa maong situasyon, akong himoon ang tanan nakong makaya hangtud sa katapusan." (Once I am in that situation, I do everything I can to the end).

4. Play the crowd: While in the ring for a fight, Pacquiao sees to it not to disappoint what the crowd expects: an action-packed match. For him, being in the ring with another gladiator is "like lyrics in a melody of two spirited fighters". In his fight against Miguel Cotto and even Eric Morales, he showed his playfulness when he felt he needed to thrill the crowd at the expense of himself getting hurt. He allowed them to box him freely and to get hit at nerve-racking and even exasperating moments.

5. Sportsmanship: In an era where athletes are so self-centered, it's refreshing to see a story like Pacquiao's. His conduct and attitude are considered befitting in sports.

6. Power of forgiveness: Pacquiao believes in the healing power of forgiveness. He has shown unconditional forgiveness to his detractors and even to those who have pocketed some of his hard-earned money.

7. Power of giving: Pacquiao believes in the power of giving. He has retained less wealth than ever and gave more to charities, friends and even to the less fortunate.

8. Expecting the unexpected: Even being so confident a person that he is, Pacquiao readies to face the worst event(s) life can offer: "Hindi talaga malaman kong anong mangyayari;Tanggapin natin lahat at ating pasalamatan ang Dios" (We really do not know what will happen; We'll accept everything and let's give thanks to God).

9. "Let's move on..." perspective: Pacquiao's three losses based on his boxing record from the hands of Rustico Torrecampo (KO 3 in 1996), Medgoen Singsurat (KO 3 in 1999) and Erik Morales (UD in 2005) never stop him from pursuing his aim to move on.

10. Humility: Pacquiao's humility is one such character that resonates with his people. He would never assume he knows it all: " I am just a fighter and only God knows what will happen in the ring."

by Granville Ampong


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